The NDU Colors story begins with getting my first colors done in the spring 2021. After that, I wanted more knowledge on color harmony as I understood the concept and value of a harmonized wardrobe, I was just having difficulty accomplishing the goal. I wanted to understand color harmony and searched the internet for a way to increase my knowledge and ability to shop accurately.

In October of 2021, I received training as a Personal Color Analyst with Terry Wildfong of Your Natural Design in the SciART method. We spent that first morning using fans and all her other tools. These tools intrigued me. I was going to be an empty nester and needed a new project. This project became NDU Colors.

NDU Colors and consultant, Terry Wildfong, joined together to bring you a beautiful 78 color 12-tone season palette. Terry's vast color knowledge and years of experience in the color industry, has helped capture the essence of each season, bringing them to life, in an artistic and beautiful presentation of color.

NDU Colors products are a set of tools to help consumers make better shopping choices, return less, while allowing the fans and pictures of those purchases to be more available for online information sharing. NDU Colors products will empower you to visualize the harmonious colors of your natural design and unite them with colors for the best you!

I am honored to be part of your color journey and excited to be on this new adventure with you.